Nutrition Information

One of the many benefits WIC has to offer is free nutrition education classes to you and your family. WIC offers interactive group classes such as breastfeeding information and support, classes on when to introduce your baby to solid foods, and our nutrition and health series that change every two months.

Prenatal Information Series

A Guide to Breastfeeding: Do you know the benefits of breastfeeding? Come learn about many benefits and how to be successful at breastfeeding your baby.

Understanding Your Newborn’s Behavior: Understanding your newborn’s behavior can help you feel less stressed and more confident in caring for your precious little one. We will discuss sleep, hunger cues and ways to calm a crying newborn

New Parents and Babies Series

Understanding Your Baby’s Cues: Join other parents of new babies for a lively discussion on the “Secrets of Baby Behavior,” including the most current information on cues, crying and sleep.

Hold me! Love me! Feed me!

When is the right time to introduce solid foods to your baby? Take this group session and discover the best and safe time to offer solid foods.

Nutrition and Health Series

Good Nutrition is important to all parts of your body. At WIC our series of classes will discuss Healthy Eating from Head to Toe. Every two months learn how to fuel your body by healthy eating.


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